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We offer Last-Minute printing, from trade fair flyers to stand logos

We won't leave you standing in the rain…
We'll put you in the spotlight!

We know the pressure you face with preparing for a trade show presence, conference or product rollout: dodging one barrage of problems after another, removing constraints and churning out hourly decisions. Let us take over the print media work so you won't have to. Our team guarantees seamless realization of even the tightest deadline while maintaining complete control.

At your service.

We are a one-stop shop for everything in print media, ranging from invitations (we also offer personalized invitations), catalogues, price lists, and product sheets to rollup systems, banners and billboards. We are perfectly at home creating visitor name tags, handouts, premium tybands or a newspaper that shows you and your customers at an event that happened earlier that day, of course, in real time.

If you want to be quick, you have to know how!

Whether you have a Goldene Kamera Television Awards Show magazine with a production run of 2,000 to be produced, addressed, packed and ready for the post office 8 hours after the production data went in, or when someone left the menu cards in Dusseldorf and we had to provide a replacement ASAP: We love a challenge! And we've never left a customer in the rain. Our couriers take the direct route to our customers. Our consultants know which couriers work the late shift and which forwarding agents are available on Sundays. Our qualified staff possesses the experience to focus on your needs, any time, anywhere.  We have been living up to this promise for many years, for events like the Berlinale film festival, the Bundestag and Bundesrat (Germany’s upper and lower houses of parliament), the Goldene Kamera, the Stiftung Marktwirtschaft (an economic policy think-tank), Tobis Film and many more.

New Address:

Grenzgrabenstraße 4
13053 Berlin
Phone: (030) 616 924 - 0
Fax.: (030) 616 924 - 24
E-Mail: info@blochco.de
An example of a recent solution:

For visitors of the State Garden Show – A map on a cord --  
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