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Bloch Druckerei Technik Plattenbelichter

We offer consultation, help you select materials and maximize production

Secrecy is a thing of the past – open dialogue for open customers

You got through the pitch with flying colors and now, after careful precision work, a last printout and confirmation from your customer, you are waiting with bated breath for the finished printed product – but the result is all too often a disappointment, for you and your client.

The print shop's arrogant response? "It's no wonder with your selection of materials! Look at the way the image was separated – it had to come out grey. Silver matt lamination is grey, not silver"…

Most designers have heard this kind of response delivered in a patronizingly jovial tone of voice. The fatherly pat on the back being the most humiliating form of "all you need is a bit more experience…" They wouldn't reveal a so-called trade secret if their lives depended on it – unless they have to justify one of their own mistakes!

It doesn't have to be like that!

Your design and advertising expertise combined with our knowledge in printing and materials should result in the best possible product.

Tell us what you want to achieve and share your ideas. Send us an early draft and we'll add our knowledge in printed stock, colors, finishing and post processing. Of course we should meet in person so that you can feel the material samples beforehand, seek inspiration from examples and watch real printers at work!

What we don't know we can find out from others

... and we have them working virtually right at our side. We operate within a huge network of lithographers, experienced layout artists, advertising designers, finishers and highly specialized post-processing experts.

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13053 Berlin
Phone: (030) 616 924 - 0
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E-Mail: info@blochco.de
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